Monday, February 7, 2011

My Informations Is Informative

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Although I've mentioned in the past that I like flattery, I only really enjoy it when it's genuine. Call me crazy, but I get the feeling the Mumbai Female Escort Service that keeps leaving comments on my posts does not have any interest in the content of my blog. Don't bother searching for these comments. I've already deleted them.

So what kind of comments was I getting? Here are just a few that I deleted:

"I read this post. This post is very informative. The main aspect of this post is valuable information. After reading this post any one will get some very important points which are only helpful even precious also."

"This post is very unique in itself. Informations being provided by this post are really unique and valuable to the public.. The main aspect of this post is valuable information. I liked visiting this post. I must say that I am completely satisfied."

"The post has very informative matter. It's having very nice information. It is showing great creativity. I have spent a long time to find such a post. All aspects of this post are perfect. It's nice experience to read it. All matter of this post is great. I got many information and some important tips with the help of this post. I would like to visit again"

Wow. Didn't somebody once say the best kind of praise is the kind in broken English? No? No one said that? Sorry. My mistake. Regardless, I think you can see a common theme here. My informations is informative and even precious too. Furthermore, you can get many information from my blog. While this may be the case, I think that goes without saying.

I know I'm giving up a ton of Indian street cred by rejecting these comments. I probably blew my only chance to be a slumdog millionaire. But If I'm going to support businesses that exploit women and their bodies, you can be damn sure I'm going to at least support domestic ones. What with the economy and all. Hasn't India taken enough American jobs? Now they are trying to take our hookers' jobs too. Sorry. Did I say hookers? I meant escorts. There is a big difference you know (approximately 200 American dollars). I'm American dammit! And proud of it! Don't tread on me. Take your Indian call girls and scram. You're not welcome on my blog anymore!

Comments, questions, concerns? Hit me up and I'll hit you back.


Candice said...

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Scott. I too feel that I have gotten much informations that are precious from your blog posts. :)

Kelly said...

Hahaha... Your informative post has good information. I am grateful for your words that inspire. Very informational. Blah Blah Blah.

In all seriousness, those types of non-comments and self promotional bullshit irritates the fuck out me and I can't delete them fast enough. Funny post, dude. I know exactly what you mean.

Shannon said...

Dang, why don't my posts ever get called precious? I'm so jealous right now.

Nina "Ninfamous" said...

Replace the word post with prick and you've got yourself a while new humor perspective :) and also this descriptive post left me satisfied.

Jenni said...

You're always so eloquent and insightful. :p

Ankita (Gg) said...

Looks like this time they went international.