Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time Travel TV Shows and Films Banned In China

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Television programs and films that involve time travel are now banned in China. The rationale behind this move is it "disrespects history." Despite the fact these films and television programs have been banned, time travel itself has not been banned, so feel free to continue doing so in your phone booth or Delorean.


Rachel Hoyt said...

I saw that headline on Gawker or something yesterday. Too funny. I guess they'll have to ban my blog too since I've written a few rhymes about time travel already. :)

Brother Nothing said...

Ha! That's funny. The chinese afraid of "disrespecting history". Some kids in that country don't even know about Tiananmen square. They don't know about Tank Man!
Here's what's happening: they're afraid of time travel movies because they might actually TEACH history to their kids. Back to the Future is to the Chinese government what pay-per-view porn is to American parents: a scary way for your kids to learn what you're trying to keep secret.