Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pics Of Your Kids On Facebook

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Nobody thinks its cute when you put a picture of your child on your Facebook profile page in lieu of your own pic. Nobody is amused. Nobody cares.

You have a child. We get it. Great. Is he dressed up for Halloween or does he normally dress like a sailor? Does your son normally look like a member of the village people? What? He does? That's awful.

Do you realize your ex-girlfriend is probably printing out tons of pics of your baby and hanging them up all over her room imagining what it would have been like if she didn't sleep with your best friend (who also happens to be your facebook friend) and ruin your engagement?

Did you notice you forgot to turn on your privacy settings and millions of people from around the world are viewing your profile and laughing at your kid because he looks like that guy from South America with hair all over his face?

If anybody thinks your son is cute, they won't after seeing him every day in their Facebook feed for the next 3 years. Your son will not be grateful that you paraded pictures of him going doo doo in his first potty all over social networking sights. So do the world a favor and replace your kid's picture with that pic from college where you are belligerently drunk and grabbing your junk in a lewd, obscene manner.

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