Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Advertising Space For Sale

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Are you looking for a blog to advertise on? A place where you can get your message to millions of different people all over the world? Well, look no further. Scott's Tip Of The Day is the right blog for you. All sorts of people read Scott's Tip Of The Day... and not just the misinformed masses or the learning disabled (though they do comprise a substantial percentage of avid readers). Furthermore, Scott's Tip Of The Day has not yet been censored in China. GO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!. OK, well scratch that. Now it is. It's probably censored all over China now....PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC of China....Hell yeah, Taiwan!

Bloods and crips can't agree on a lot these days, but do you know what they can agree on? I mean, besides the street price for crack? That Scott's Tip Of The Day is the best blog on the internet. Just the other day a crip who wishes to remain nameless told me that I was his "Cholo!" He asked me to go peel some caps with him next Thursday. Now I know I've made it!

So how do you advertise? Just contact scottstipoftheday@gmail.com and we'll put something together that works for you. No freebies though. Doritos wanted me to put ads up for free. They pay millions of dollars for Super Bowl adverts but they can't throw Scott's Tip Of The Day a few bones to advertise on his site? Fine. Get your wanna-be nacho chips out of my face! Tostitos are better anyway! And I never caught AIDS eating Tostitos.*

*I never caught AIDS eating anything, so please don't read too much into this.


Jenni said...

Way to plug yourself, Scott dear. If it weren't for people e-mailing you, would you have any ideas at all? :p

Paul Wynn said...

I like your bloods and crips analogy LOL, they do agree on price of crack but dimplomacy noooo way.