Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fashion Week Pyongyang

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Fashion. It's a crazy industry. Everyone wants to be cutting edge. Who's on top of the newest trend? Where are these trends emerging? Paris? Milan? Tokyo? London? New York? Ha. I thought you would say that. Clearly you don't know anything about fashion. Everyone knows the latest trends are coming straight out of Pyongyang, North Korea. They're not just starving for food, but they're starving for fashion as well.

So who's the biggest trend setter in North Korea? Their supreme leader. He puts the Ill in Kim Jong-Ill (sic). According to one of the most unbiased news sources in the world, North Korea's communist newspaper, Kim Jong-Il's suits "have gripped people's imagination and become a global vogue."

I don't care if the United States has normalized relations with North Korea. I'm goin' to Pyongyang to get myself one of Kim Jong-Ill's trademark suits.

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