Monday, May 10, 2010

Elana Kagan is David Mitchell

Scott's Tip Of The Day: As many of you know, Elana Kagan is set to be announced as Obama's new Supreme Court Justice nominee. What most of you probably don't know is she is actually David Mitchell, star of the popular English television program, Peep Show. See the above picture comparison.

On Peep Show, Mitchell plays a character named Mark Corrigan. Corrigan....Kagan....Corrigan....Kagan. They're clearly the same person. I mean, no woman could look that much like a man, anyway, right?


You heard it here first, people. Elana Kagan is David Mitchell.


Incident Alice said...

My thoughts exactly.

james robert said...

Hey!!! great post. I actually did the comparison too. Here is a link to the image combo I made. It is uncanny!