Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2010 Questions/Answers Installment 4

Scott's Tip Of The Day: : From time to time I get feedback from my readers. I like feedback. I like questions. Email me anytime (scottstipoftheday@gmail.com) I received the following email today:

Scott, what's your favorite breakfast cereal? Which one should I eat?


Good question, Neil. I try not to support companies that use preservatives or sugar in their cereals. That's why I go with "Shards O' Glass" cereal. It's great to the last bite (which is usually the first bite). Unfortunately it's been banned in every country except for North Korea. But Kim-Jong Ill saw my previous blog post about him and he was flattered so he ships me boxes now and then. What a great guy! Anyway, if anyone wants a box, just email me and I will send one over.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer Crunch Used Syringes myself.