Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winning The Lottery.... Or Not

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Although pretending you won the lottery makes a funny joke, there could be legal ramifications.


Jenni said...

oh my god, Scott!!!! My boss told us this news story at work. He said "There was this woman at a Burlington Coat Factory and said she won the lottery"...etc etc, and then, and THEN!!! Went onto say "It's all Obama's fault, you know...He's made everyone in America think they are entitled to anything they want. Obama and the government is making everyone believe they can have health insurance! It's all his fault."

He was serious.

It was so funny I couldn't be mad at him for his..ahem, opinion. I like Obama, and I just couldn't be angry with such an insight.

Just wanted to share that.

I Wonder Wye said...

and yet, it would be worth it....

Anonymous said...

People were stupid before Obama, and the entitlement mentality also predates him.

This is another sad commentary on our society. Many people have an entitlement mentality, and politicians (and the occasional nutty women) pander to it.