Tuesday, January 26, 2010

American Idol Drama

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Ellen Degeneres got a little miffed when Simon appeared an hour and a half late to film an American Idol Hollywood segment the other day. It is reported she called Simon Cowell a "prima donna."

Ellen. Darling. Are you serious? Have you ever watched American Idol? Calling Simon Cowell a prima donna is like calling Snagglepuss a little gay, or calling Emmanuel Lewis kind of short. NO S**t, Ellen! I have no sympathy for you! If you walk into a lion's den there's a good chance you are going to find a lion there. Just like if you go to the dry cleaner you're probably going to find Chinese people who can barely speak English. You knew that going in, Ellen. Suck it up. Dance with Obama. It will all be OK when that check comes in the mail.

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The Grouchy Man said...

Good post.

I agree Degeneres should have been prepared for Cowell's 'prima donna' behavior, but then I wonder if she's ever watched Idol. Don't think that was a prerequisite for being chosen as a judge.

It's a f*cking stupid show anyway...