Thursday, January 14, 2010

Public Enemy Number One: Mikey Hicks

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Who is the biggest threat to America? Osama Bin laden? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? No. It's Mikey Hicks. Eight-year-old Mikey Hicks. What diabolical plot is he planning? What international crime syndicate or terrorist group is he working for? THE CUB SCOUTS. Watch out America. This kid can tie a knot. Hell, he has probably even used a knife before... and not with his dinner! He's obviously more dangerous than the Nigerian who tried to blow up a plane over the holidays.

OK, OK. Mikey Hicks is not on the no fly list. Well, technically he is, but it isn't the eight-year-old Mikey Hicks. It's another dude named Michael Hicks. But because the no fly list is merely a list, America's brightest AKA the people who do security checks in the airport, have to do invasive searches on this poor eight-year-old every time he flies, merely because he has the same name as someone else. This is despite the fact the Transport Security Administration claims that no children are on the No Fly list.

America needs to do a better job with their airport security. This doesn't necessarily mean they have to spend hundreds of millions buying full body scanners. How about sharing security intelligence seamlessly and effectively between government agencies so these mistakes don't happen anymore? Naw. That would make too much sense.


Anonymous said...

Just heard on TV from Mikey's mom that the Hicks "need to fill out more forms".

Guess they see a Sinister Midget disguised as - the boy actor from Stuart Little...Or maybe they think we've got a Malicious Macaulay Caulkin of "Home Alone" on tap...!

And this gov. wants to run our health care...!

Anonymous said...

As stated, Mikey isn't on the no-fly list or any watch list. He, unfortunately, has the same name as someone who is on the list.

That's why he needs to be checked each time he flies. It's not that they can't remove him from the list. He's not on any list, to be removed from. But because there is another person with his name on the list the airline has to check each time that Mikey flies to verify that he isn't the person with that name who is on the list.