Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010 Questions/Answers Installment 6

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Scott's Tip Of The Day: : From time to time I get feedback from my readers. I like feedback. I like questions. Email me anytime ( I received the following email today:

Dear Scott,
I sort of have this embarrassing problem. I'm moving in with my boyfriend in a few months. We've been dating for a little over four and a half years, and all through college, he'd sporadically stay in my apartment on the weekends.

So, my problem is, I get a little handsy at night. Apparently, I like to, um, play with his dangle in my sleep. Which for him, isn't really a problem, except for the fact he wakes up all woody and his girlfriend is asleep. I don't think he minds, except for the sleeping girlfriend part. I've told him to just move my hand, but I guess I'm worse than a drunk frat boy on a bad date, just can't seem to ignore a no! He doesn't mind, but I feel bad. Any suggestions for keeping my hands to myself and preventing a blue balled fiancee?
You're a guy, and probably a ladies' man, so I'm sure you can hook me up.
All the best,


Two words: Oven mitts.


Anonymous said...

Ha, thanks for that. <3 Does your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/mistress play with your dangle when you sleep?


Scott said...


In response to your question....

Boyfriend: No
Girlfriend: Occasionally
Wife: Never
Husband: Don't have one
Mistress: All the time

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe twice at once if you're lucky!!