Friday, June 11, 2010

Flying Beats Rowing/Sailing

Scott's Tip Of The Day: A 16-year-old girl sailing across the ocean is in trouble. This is awful. You might have read a previous post about another girl rowing across the Atlantic ocean for charity. She was successful and I congratulate her, but was it really worth the risk? This isn't 1860. No one is immigrating to America here. These people obviously have enough money to fly coach on a decent airline. Maybe a cruise ship?
If you're considering rowing or sailing across the ocean solo shoot me an email at I'll talk you out of it.


thesharkguy said...

As an homage to the coureur des bois, for Canada Day we're going to cross the Atlantic in a hollowed out birch bark canoe---or maybe not.

Mark said...

I was thinking of crossing the Pacific in one of those paddle-boats that only turn in one direction. Did you happen to know which way the current circulates to I can rent the right one?

Teen Queen said...

haha, like anyone will send u an email if they wanted to be taked out of it.