Monday, June 14, 2010

On June 24th, Gregory Lefford Will Be Vindicated

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Sometimes there are people in the world who will stop at nothing to bring you down. What? Paranoid delusions? No. These aren't delusions. These are straight from the mouth of a crazy homeless man on the 6 train in NYC. My friend Ryan recorded this on his iPhone. You can listen to the audio here:

For your convenience I transcribed the monologue as well. Ryan captured about half of this gentleman's diatribe but I think you will be able to pick up midway through this conversation without missing anything important....

Because I didn’t do nothing.
And on June 24th it will be proven that I did not do anything.
I not lookin' and I didn’t say nobody did nothing to me.
That’s why I can walk the trains. Because I know nobody did nothing to me.
But there are those who supersede y’all that is trying to frame me and I have to fight.
I’m embarrassed to do this. I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed.
I’m not here like this is a joke.
I am embarrassed. I am embarrassed.
And right now. I’m going to a shelter.
You know my baby mama told me this morning?

She said that I’ve been coming there to the crib tryin' to break in. Not she said it. She said that the neighbors told her that I been coming over there trying to break in the crib and I’ve been in a homeless shelter the last two weeks.
Now you see what I’m dealing with?
Now you see the things I have to go to on a day to day basis?

Someone is trying to create fear. And I haven’t been up to the Bronx until today.
But they’re tellin-- But she tells me on the phone that someone’s been trying to break into the apartment... they got you on camera.
I said they aint got me on camera. Because I got witnesses on where I was the last two weeks.

Now do you see the illusion and the things that they are doing? Now this is why I tell all the sisters – be patient because this shit is going to get straightened out and y’all gonna know for sure.
Be patient to the women. You gonna know.
But I have no choice but to fight the way that I’m fighting.
I have no choice because I’m fighting in the blind.
And she’s telling me that I’ve been up there in the Bronx, and I’m in a homeless shelter struggling to keep my sanity and stay focused.

Every day I gotta ride the train or wherever I go knowing that someone is potentially gonna say he did it. And I’m saying to myself here I go. Everywhere I go I gotta make sure that I’m followed or keep my transfer in my bus or make sure that the security cameras see me. Because there are those who will stop at nothing to set me up. And you want me to tell you how I know this? Because I’ve been going through this for five years.

And so now I just told you a real story that just happened a few hours ago.
My son hasn’t been in school. You know why? Because my baby mama is under the impression that I’ve been stalkin’ for two weeks and I’m in the homeless shelter.
So whoever been doing these things is creating fear. Creating dissension. And I’ve gotta fight to maintain what I know. So believe me, I am embarrassed to be on this train telling you these things.
I’m embarrassed but I have no choice.
Someone gotta listen. I don’t want your sympathy nor your empathy. Just understand what I’m going through.

And wait, You gonna find out the truth. And when you find out the truth, you’ll just know. That that’s a true story there.
I just went to the Bronx this morning – true story—I just come back from Brooklyn, getting this and my own mother got an order of protection against me. And all her life she took care of me, gave me birth, I just come home from prison, she make sure I don’t need nothing, and yet I come back I get two and half years. I I’m a piece of garbage? What did I do? Don’t you understand what I’m dealing with?

Because there are those who are putting pressure and been lying to the masses about things I did not do or are responsible for. My name is Gregory Lefford. Sorry for interrupting you. Sorry for taking up your time. I don’t look for no sympathy or no pity but on June 24th I will be vindicated of anything that you may believe about me. Have a pleasant day and thank you for your time and sister once again, I apologize if you looked at it as a connection, because it wasn’t meant that way. Have a nice day you know what I’m talking about.

So sometimes people come after you for no reason and will stop at nothing until your life is in shambles. I just hope for Gregory's sake that these people don't work at the courthouse.

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