Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Only a fool would pass up a internet contest where you have to write six sentences and the reward is $50! YES! $50! That's why I entered "The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey Contest" Write six sentences about the mysterious Dr. Ramsey? Ok. Easy.

Dr. Ramsey summoned all of her strength, took a deep breath and lifted the manhole cover from its resting place.
As she pulled herself out of the bowels of the city, the world went dark and she collapsed on the street.
Sometime later, Dr. Ramsey opened her eyes and she saw a man standing attentively over her.
"I'm Doctor Nickalabopolous, Dr. Ramsey, and it appears you have suffered a major trauma.
What were you doing in the sewer?"
"I was raped by a teenage mutant ninja turtle....and now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get me some revenge."

I'll let you know if I win.


Anonymous said...

Scott, will you marry me?

James said...

Hope you win the contest. You have the potential to write a blockbuster.

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Kim said...

My poorly worded but cathartic entry: Verizon DSL billing sux. They imagined up a phone line I don't have and then epicly failed at notifying me they couldn't bill me for DSL because they tied it to my nonexistent phone account. Dr. Ramsey works for verizon and is responsible for this epic fail. Dr. Ramsey is wearing a mask because the good doctor is in hiding from me. I will find you Dr. Ramsey and make you pay for all my phone minutes spent on hold with your minions. That is all.
Thanks for the link. Hope you win. I'll let you know if I do.