Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birth Control

Scott's Tip Of The Day: They say abstinence is the only 100% safe birth control method. But even that's not safe. What if a woman breaks into your apartment and uses your body to pleasure herself? She could hold a gun to your head and there would be nothing you could do. What's my point? If that could happen, anything could happen! So forget about condoms and dental dams and sponges and all of that (You don't have to forget about butt plugs) and just put your fate into God's hands. Because if God wants you to have an illegitimate child, there is no sense in arguing with him.


Anonymous said...

Two Stephen King-related pics in two consecutive posts?
Well done, sir.

Sher (aka Sassy) said...

Well...I finally came to visit. I was both absent and absent-minded for a period of time.

Nice fucking blog.

I shall return, most imminently!

coffee said...

point well made; it's good to be prepared for anything

JPT said...

If you were being raped with a gun to your head could know?
I could.

Mia Watts said...

If she could pleasure herself on you then you are taking a great deal of enjoyment from being a submissive. Glad you recognize that.

Too bad you're in NY. I have a pitchfork. Would it work the same way?

Tony said...

I am amazed at the enlightenment I receive from Scott's Tip of the Day.