Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You're Getting A Dell Dude!

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Dell employees are really patient with old people. See below:

9:12:25 AM Scott TOTD
Initial Question/Comment:

9:12:31 AM System
You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat

9:12:31 AM System
Connected with BE_PR1_Rex_R

9:12:41 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
Welcome to Dell Sales Chat! I hope you are doing well and thank you for waiting. My name is Rex and I will be your personal sales agent today. Feel free to email me at or leave me a message at 1800-379-3355 ext. 2160085, from 8AM CST – 12 CST. Please provide your e-mail address and phone number where I can contact you in case we get disconnected. How may I help you with your purchase today?You might be interested in our newly released product, the Studio One 19 Desktop. It’s an all-in-one, touch-screen desktop.

9:12:46 AM Scott TOTD
Hello Rex

9:12:46 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
To better serve you, Dell now offers Secure Payment via Chat for our chat customers!

9:12:56 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
Hi Scott, how are you today?

9:13:05 AM Scott TOTD
I am good, the weather is awful though!

9:13:11 AM Scott TOTD
where are you? Texas?

9:13:32 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
no, we are located in the Philippines.

9:13:40 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
how may I help you today?

9:13:52 AM Scott TOTD
Well Rex, this is actually my first time on a computer

9:14:10 AM Scott TOTD
I am 89 years old and my son, God bless his heart, he wants to get me a computer for my 90th birthday

9:14:21 AM Scott TOTD
So he said, talk to you guys and you will tell me what works for me.

9:14:34 AM Scott TOTD
I am used to a typewriter, I don't really understand these computer things

9:14:57 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
I'll be glad to help you with your concern =)

9:15:04 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
are you looking for a desktop or a laptop?

9:15:13 AM Scott TOTD
Thank you Rex. How is it over in the phillipines? Is the weather nice?

9:15:33 AM Scott TOTD
Well the desktop is the big computer on the table right? And the laptop is the small one that folds?

9:15:57 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
yes, you are right.

9:16:21 AM Scott TOTD
My friend Morty Finkelstein at the retirement home said his grandson was electrecuted by a IBM thinkpad laptop

9:16:22 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
oh the weather is great although a bit hot during the day

9:16:32 AM Scott TOTD
and he had to go to the hospital

9:16:37 AM Scott TOTD
but then he fell in love with the nurse

9:16:39 AM Scott TOTD
and then married her

9:16:52 AM Scott TOTD
which is great, i am happy for him, but i don't want to be electrecuted, rex!

9:16:57 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
oh that is so unfortunate

9:17:06 AM Scott TOTD
Yes, does this ever happen with dell laptops?

9:17:18 AM Scott TOTD
I am an old man, I can't afford to be electrecuted

9:17:31 AM Scott TOTD
I am wearing dishwashing gloves right now so I don't get electrecuted

9:17:35 AM Scott TOTD
my son thinks I am crazy

9:17:37 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
we have had reports of that incident with our computers.

9:17:52 AM Scott TOTD
Oh dear, does this happen with desktops too?

9:18:19 AM Scott TOTD
Do you have special suits you can wear, like biohazard suits, so it is safe to use the computer?

9:18:26 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
no it does not.

9:18:28 AM Scott TOTD
my typewriter never electrecuted me. I am scared!

9:18:38 AM Scott TOTD
Ok, I guess I want a desktop then.

9:18:53 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
you don't have to worry,all our systems are safe.

9:19:03 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
would you like me to help you customize one?

9:19:07 AM Scott TOTD
Now, can you explain to me what the internet is? Are we on it now?

9:19:28 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
yes we are on it right now.

9:19:31 AM Scott TOTD
My son keeps talking about surfing the internet, but I am an old man and I don't want to break any bones

9:19:35 AM Scott TOTD
do I have to surf?

9:19:43 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
with Internet you can get the information from anywhere

9:20:09 AM Scott TOTD
Information from anywhere...interesting

9:20:22 AM Scott TOTD
when I was a kid you had to go to the library and pay the mean ol' librarian two bits

9:20:33 AM Scott TOTD
and then she would look up the card catalog

9:20:36 AM Scott TOTD
and get you your books

9:20:44 AM Scott TOTD
We didn't have any internet! Ha Ha!

9:20:52 AM Scott TOTD
This technology is amazing!

9:21:18 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
that was way before, but now you can get all the information you want in your home just using the internet

9:21:36 AM Scott TOTD
Ok, I have another concern. Do your computers come with locks?

9:21:48 AM Scott TOTD
I am worried my grandkids will go to the internet

9:21:56 AM Scott TOTD
and look at these pictures of unsavory naked women

9:22:06 AM Scott TOTD
I heard about this on the television

9:22:15 AM Scott TOTD
kids looking at naked women...and men...on the internet!

9:22:27 AM Scott TOTD
Can you offer me a machine that protects me from this?

9:22:58 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
yes, we have it.

9:23:15 AM Scott TOTD
I use a master lock at the gymnasium, can I use that with this computer?

9:23:23 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
just in case we get disconnected , may I have teh ebst phone number to reach you?

9:23:38 AM Scott TOTD

9:23:47 AM Scott TOTD
Why would we get disconnected? Where are you going?

9:24:23 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
sometimes it happens.

9:24:32 AM Scott TOTD
The internet sounds dangerous

9:24:37 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
will you be needing a compelet desktop or just a tower?

9:24:38 AM Scott TOTD
people get electrecuted and disconnected

9:24:52 AM Scott TOTD
what is a tower?

9:26:04 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
it is the CPU which containts the all the parts to make the computer run

9:26:29 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
since this will be your first system, i think we should get you a monitor as well

9:26:59 AM Scott TOTD
A monitor? Ok

9:27:11 AM Scott TOTD
Rex, what is it like in the phillipines

9:27:18 AM Scott TOTD
I was over in Japan in World War 2

9:27:25 AM Scott TOTD
but the world has probably changed a lot since then

9:29:09 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
a lot has changed.

9:29:29 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
Ok, let me explain how the process works. I’m going to ask you a few questions about your computer needs and usage. Then Ill configure a system that looks right for your needs AND your budget. We'll spend a few moments going over the system and talk about it a little more.

9:30:57 AM Scott TOTD

9:31:19 AM Scott TOTD
My son showed me this movie the terminator where machines attacked people

9:31:31 AM Scott TOTD
is this possible? can my computer become sentient and rebel?

9:31:38 AM Scott TOTD
I am an old man, I can't take that kind of excitement

9:32:02 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
no that is just a fiction.

9:32:05 AM Scott TOTD
If I was a young whippersnapper I could beat that machine down like I beat those dirty krauts in germany

9:32:16 AM Scott TOTD
Ok good

9:32:19 AM Scott TOTD
I am relieved.

9:33:27 AM Scott TOTD
Oh dear! I wanted to find out news, so I went to I wanted to find out about the new supreme court justice elect, and it was a pornography site!!

9:33:46 AM Scott TOTD
Is this what Obama is doing with the internet? Filling it up with smut? Why I oughtta....

9:35:26 AM Scott TOTD
Is it true I can order prune juice and adult diapers on the internet? My friend from the retirement home, Zelda Menkowitz said she gets all of her things from the amazon

9:35:43 AM Scott TOTD
i told her that was ridiculous. Since when do they make diapers in the amazon!?

9:36:09 AM Scott TOTD
Are you still there Rex?

9:36:56 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
I'm still here

9:37:26 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
yes, you can now order things on the internet,so you don't to woory going to stores

9:37:36 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
what will be the main use of this system?

9:38:15 AM Scott TOTD
I want to meet a girlfriend on the internet

9:38:35 AM Scott TOTD
but it has to be a nice girl, i heard there was a man craig who has a list

9:38:58 AM Scott TOTD
and you can read this list and meet prostitutes and women with body parts only men are supposed to have

9:39:06 AM Scott TOTD
I don't want this craig on my computer

9:39:12 AM Scott TOTD
but i do want to meet women on it

9:39:39 AM Scott TOTD
I am a handsome man for a 89 year old! Steve Goldstein says I look like a young 82 year old!

9:39:58 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
I see.

9:40:57 AM Scott TOTD
so get me a computer where i can meet fine ladies, ladies that look like audrey hepburn but not katherine hepburn

9:41:03 AM Scott TOTD
I want a looker, see

9:41:22 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
got that.

9:41:22 AM Scott TOTD
Sofia Loren, now there was a lady

9:41:46 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
will you be downloading music files later on this system?

9:41:49 AM Scott TOTD
How old are you, Rex?

9:42:12 AM Scott TOTD
Can I find the music I like to listen to on the internet?

9:42:38 AM Scott TOTD
My favorite band growing up was Uncle Dick and The Hairy Gang

9:42:38 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
yes you can.

9:42:48 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
Are you going to be downloading and editing your photos?

9:42:50 AM Scott TOTD
my my they could play

9:43:24 AM Scott TOTD
I know how to look at photos, what do you mean, edit photos?

9:43:48 AM Scott TOTD
Like change history? I saw some documentary like that, back to the future, didn't care for it, these young kids, with their skateboards, running around messing up time

9:43:50 AM Scott TOTD
no, no editing

9:44:19 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
Are you doing any online banking or shopping?

9:44:36 AM Scott TOTD
can I shop in the amazon for diapers, as I mentioned before?

9:44:43 AM Scott TOTD
If I can, I guess so

9:44:49 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
yes you can.will you be using word,excel and powerpoint?

9:45:09 AM Scott TOTD
power what?

9:45:19 AM Scott TOTD
aren't I using words now?

9:45:45 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
powerpoint is for presentation, excel are for spreadsheet.

9:46:21 AM Scott TOTD
i dont need any presentations, i am 89 years old!

9:46:27 AM Scott TOTD
Can I play backgammon on this computer

9:46:58 AM Scott TOTD
My friend Liza Steinbergjewstein said that she plays backgammon online with the mud people from Brazil

9:47:01 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
yes oyu can

9:47:05 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R

9:47:05 AM Scott TOTD
I don't even know what mud people are!?

9:47:47 AM Scott TOTD
What is e-mail?

9:48:45 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
it is electronic mail, it means that you send letter to your relatiives and friend and they receive it right away

9:49:04 AM Scott TOTD
Ah yes, my friend Goldy Hymiebraun said she was talking to a Prince in Nigeria on email. And he needed help getting money out of the country.

9:49:14 AM Scott TOTD
That Nigerian man sent her a check for 1,000,000 dollars yesterday!

9:49:16 AM Scott TOTD
She is rich!

9:49:30 AM Scott TOTD
She is taking me out to dinner tonight at 4PM. We are going to red lobster!

9:49:55 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
oh that is awesome

9:50:20 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
what price rnage do you want to invest in this new computer?

9:50:35 AM Scott TOTD
Who knew that a white old jewish lady like her would be related to a Nigerian prince who was rich and needed help getting his money out of the country

9:50:39 AM Scott TOTD
Good Lord, what a miracle

9:51:08 AM Scott TOTD
Well, my son is buying it, how much do these things go for? $10? $15?

9:52:45 AM BE_PR1_Rex_R
we might go for $500-$800 for a fast system.

9:53:06 AM Scott TOTD
Oh Good Lord!

9:53:14 AM Scott TOTD
My Son doesn't have that kind of money!

9:53:22 AM Scott TOTD
I am sorry to waste your time Rex.

9:53:26 AM Scott TOTD
500 dollars!

9:53:28 AM Scott TOTD

9:53:30 AM Scott TOTD


jme said...

.....but what are you going to do about the south american diapers?

David said...

you can play backgammon on any computer by downloading one of the great backgammon games at:

Jenni said...

Do you enjoy fucking with people? I'd feel really weird about doing this. Or laugh uncontrollably.