Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Revolution Twitter

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Sometimes I'm wrong. I know I am the all-knowing Scott, but even I have made mistakes before. Like that time I went to Alabama with a yamulkah on. Or that time I brought shampoo on an airplane. Well, I was wrong again. I mistakenly thought Twitter was a useless invention. I saw people like Ashton Kutcher and Kanye using it and I assumed it was worthless because they had nothing interesting to say. I was wrong.

In protest of the recent election results, many Iranians are using twitter to communicate and organize demonstrations in Iran. They want a less extreme government and I support them 100%. How are Iranians using Twitter in a useful manner? Here are some examples (translated from Persian and other Middle Eastern languages):

AhmedKarim666: OMFG! Revolutionary Guard totally just assaulted 7 of my 14 brothers. I can't tell if Mom is mad because I can't see anything under her face veil, but regardless I'm not going to stand for this!

Iron Sheik69: WTF! Just beaten over head by Ahmenajad supporters. Too bad my mom and sisters aren't allowed to drive because now I can't get to a hospital. Iranian Health care blows camel balls! I'm going to have to mend my wounds with 5 feet of bubble tape (I knew I shouldn't have eaten a foot of bubble gum) and superglue. I'm sad, I was saving that glue for Huffing. :-(

HershelGoldblumsteinowitz: How did I end up in Tehran? LOL! Where am I supposed to find a good bagel around here?

YusefIslam: Man, I knew I should have stayed in London. I could be rocking Peace Train for the 987,984th time.

IranianCarrotTop: OK guys, it's time to demonstrate. But lets have a picnic first. I am all out of my contraband alcoholic beverages so we are gonna have to get drunk on Scope and rubbing alcohol. I'll cover that. Mohammed, you bring the picnic basket. Ahmed, you bring the pita bread and the humus. Ali, you're in charge of olives, dates and figs. Let's meet at the sand dune around 8.

See? Twitter is a revolutionary tool (pun intended).With Twitter posts like these how could you not support it!

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Those aren't for serious, silly man, right? =p