Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lever 2000

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Although Lever 2000 advertises "for your 2000 body parts," they are unable to confirm which body parts Lever can be used on. See below...

Dear Lever 2000, am interested in using your product. I understand it can be used on 2000 different body parts. Do you have a list of body parts upon which Lever 2000 can be safely applied? I tried putting together a list of possible parts but was unable to get anywhere near 2000.

This is my list:




If you could please include the other 1995 body parts I would greatly
appreciate it. I feel like I am missing out on the full potential of your product because of my shoddy knowledge of human anatomy. Sincerely Yours,

And their response...

Hello Scott, Thanks for writing! The term used in our advertising, "for all your 2000 parts", is poetic license. It simply means the Lever 2000 product is suitable for all parts of the body. We hope this information is helpful!
Your friends at Unilever

Poetic license? Who gave them a poetic license? Where do I apply for one of those? I seriously doubt Lever 2000 is safe for the eyes. I would imagine that stinging sensation means it is not supposed to go there. I like how they signed this letter "Your friends at Unilever." Since when are you my friends? You make me buy bodywash from you. Don't friends share? Sharing is caring, Lever 2000! I've had it up to here with you! You are full of sh*t Lever 2000!!!!!!! I am never purchasing your products again! And readers, neither should you!


Anonymous said...

Hello Scott, I truly appreciated you question for lever 2000. It may sound silly yet my pal Craig and i had a bet that this had to be nonsense.. So thank you for saving craig and I time. We now dont have to write Lever ourselves we now have the lame answer they provided

Pedro said...

This is complete crap, their website states: "Yes, there really are 2000 parts and Lever 2000 cleans all of them - from head to toe. Lever 2000 gives you long-lasting freshness and skin that feels great ..."


I just sent them an email, I will report back for all those who are as concerned as ourselves.