Thursday, July 30, 2009


Scott's Tip Of The Day: If porn sites mysteriously appear in your web browser history, Legos are not to blame.
See below:

Dear Lego, My name is Scott, and my son is a long time Lego user. He loves your legos. He is 14-years old. Lately, my son has been telling me about some unusual behavior with his Lego sets. I recently purchased him a pirate ship lego set. My son claims late at night, the Lego people have been leaving the pirate ship and have been going on my computer and looking at pornographic pictures on the internet. I checked my internet history, and sure enough, it's true. I definitely didn't view these sites, so the only logical explanation is the lego people included in your set did this. Have you ever had similar reports of lego people walking around at night? How come there is no warning on the box? Do you think if i purchase some female lego characters, they will stop going on my computer and remain in the pirate ship? Please advise, as I am very troubled. Thank you.


And Lego's response:

Dear Scott Thank you for your interest in LEGO® brand toys. We are here to assist you with inquiries about our products but are at a genuine loss how to respond to your email. The majority of our elements are manufactured from ABS plastics which do not have any animated characteristics and therefore would not be responsible for any internet activity. If you need further assistance please call Customer Service at 1-800-835-4386. Moira LEGO Direct Consumer Services

Apparently Legos are inanimate objects. Who would have guessed? The big question is who has been looking at porn on my computer, when I have been asleep? Any ideas? Hit me up at and let me know!


Hit 40 said...

The Lego response looks so real!!! OMG - did you really email Lego??? LOL

Your porn town is very nice. Quality work.

My word verification is slitypee... kinda appropriate. Drop the damn word verify.

Scott said...

All of these letters are clearly real. I don't make this stuff up. There is no need to when the responses are this good.

Jenni said...

I think it's hilarious. Where do you come up with this stuff!? I must think of a good one, because these are all classic.

Virgin said...

Yes, i agree with Jenni these are all classic.

William said...

This is too funny to be fake. I can only the imagine the face on the person who responded to your email.