Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Questions/Answers Installment 12

Scott's Tip Of The Day: I woke up with the following email in my inbox this morning....

Hello Mr Scott :)

(S.A has a presenter on Mnet named Scott Scott, hope you are not that unfortunate)

I am new to blogging and you have to be one of my favourite bloggers so far... One of my best friends is in love with the Twilight books and I have never understood why. I tried my best to read at least one but alas it made me want at chew my own arm off regurgitate it and feed it to my pet Parana. (to put it lightly) Still I am a good friend and wanted to find out what this obsession with the sparkly manic depressant pedophile was all about, so I watched the movie... I found it to be quite enjoyable... Not because it was a good movie (it was awful) but because the entire theater was filled with girls aged 14 to 30ish and two fabulous gay guys who could not control themselves throughout the entire movie... It was like watching BBC Wildlife. They were screaming and getting all giddy about some boy covered in glitter not eating the girl who smells like dinner... I doubt I will ever understand the love for Vampires... I mean yes pale boys who dress well are VERY attractive but I can move to Canada to get one of those. I don't know if you have visited (love this site) Mr Oatmeal Guy explained it to me and I now understand. Tried to get my mate hooked on some grown up books but she was not interested... So I have distracted her with Terry Pratchett until I can find an appropriate Twilight substitute... Any ideas? I tried to get her to read The Agony and the Ecstasy (one of my favourites) but she didn't get through the first chapter. Anyway, thanks for the entertainment :)

Oh and I have an ongoing bet with a friend as to which is better Apple or Orange juice. We have one year to find as many people as possible to pick one. We fly to Comic-Con next year and the loser has to go as a Pink Fluffy Bunny. There are no rules in place which say I can not ask bloggers. It will hold up in court! Which do you prefer? (P.S. I say Apple is better and I really don't want to be a Pink Fluffy Bunny)


Suicide Kitten :)

Wow Suicide Kitten,

Mr. Scott? Thanks but you don't need to call me Mr. Scott. Scott's OK. We're all friends here. No need for formalities.

I actually bought a shirt a few months ago that addresses your question on apple juice vs. orange juice. See the pic directly above my post. Yeah. I actually bought that shirt and wear it. So, drink apple juice because O.J. will kill you.

Well if you want to get your friend into grown up books, I would pick something fun. Something that's exciting from the get go. A few posts ago I recommended Hunter S Thompson. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 is a great book, full of drugs, politics and adventure. If you don't find it captivating, I don't really know where to start.

I guess if you don't think your friend can handle adult books yet, maybe ease her in with R.L. Stein young adult books and gradually work your way up to grown up stuff. Or start her on intelligent magazines. The New Yorker has cartoons. Cartoons and articles? Maybe you can fool her into learning/getting smart.

Thanks for the kind words, Suicide Kitten. Stay away from the sparkly pedophiles and keep it real. If anyone else has any questions feel free to hit me up at


Anonymous said...

To help your cause suicide, I think that apple juice is better because OJ has too much pulp.

Collegiate Preps said...

I like the OJ shirt!!! check out my blog at

becca said... the OJ shirt

Jessica said...

Dig the shirt.

Ayla said...

EPIC shirt

Btw,Apple Juice is win.

Elizabeth said...

You are entertaining as always! But I must disagree. OJ is far superior to apple juice because it prevents kidney stones. I don't know about you but they are definitely a thing I would like to avoid.

Brad said...

HAHA awesome t shirt! i think it's so funny how people still make fun of O.J. after all these years.. haha

Shanimal said...

You're literally my hero now. I saw that OJ shirt like, five years ago, and ever since then it's been my slogan. I'm not even kidding. For my birthday one year my friend made me a mug that said "Drink Apple Juice 'Cause OJ Will Kill You." You just got 10 points. No, slash that, 50 points for owning that shirt that has become my motto in life. I believe you're now up to 54 brownie points in my book. Don't ruin it. :)

Scott said...

Thanks as always for the kind words

Suicide Kitten said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Didn’t realize this would be posted up here… Hope my mate doesn’t see it and steal my idea on scoring names for my “I Hate Orange Juice List” It’s up on my fridge :) Thanks Anonymous for wanting to help but when I show my friend this blog he is just going to say you were me, so I can’t add you to my list unless you show who you are :( Scott(can I call you Scotty aswel?) and Ayla, your names have been added to my list and I promise to post pics on my blog ( when my friend has to go to Comic Con dressed like a Pink Fluffy Bunny! I also have another list on my fridge, it’s called “People who voted for Orange Juice and will suffer when I track them down!” I’m not saying who’s name has been added but I will say, PineAPPLE Juice also prevents Kidney Stones :) Love the blog and thanks for the book advice. Will see if she likes any of them :) xo