Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stuart Scott

Scott's Tip Of The Day: If you want to avoid having nightmares, it would behoove you to abstain from certain activities before you go to bed . These activities include eating late at night, arguing with a loved one before bed or watching a horror movie. But most importantly, if you want a good night's sleep you definitely want to avoid watching Stuart Scott and his creepy eye on ESPN's Sports Center.


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. That you (or anyone else for that matter) reads my stuff and gets it, is a joy to behold.

Yes, I do believe we have somewhat similar senses of humor.

Let's gang-link each other.

Continued success and don't be a stranger.

Laurie Kendrick

Scott said...

Laurie, you have been added.
Thanks for your support

Newman said...

Love it! Here's the thing, I am not web savvy. Let me know how to link it and I will if you do the same.

All the best,


J. said...

And above all, do NOT eat spicy foods!

I have added a link to your blog on J-TWO-O, per your request. Please to be returning the favor. Thx.

beth said...

I recommend recording Sports Center and watch in the am; that eye will keep you focused the rest of the day!

PS: Added you to my blogroll yesterday.

Mark said...

Heh. You're on my blogroll now too Scott.

Quid pro quo, Clarisse. Quid pro quo. Ftthpthfthhptt!

Anonymous said...

I know that he can't help it, but he might want to consider an eyepatch. Kids would like that.