Friday, January 9, 2009

What Would Jesus Do?

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Many devout Christians ask themselves "What would Jesus do?" before making a decision. My advice to devout Christian carpenters is to hang onto your faith but to ignore what Jesus would do when you are on the job. Jesus never used a circular saw, a phillips head screwdriver or a power sander. If you ask yourself "What would Jesus do?" everytime you construct a table, it will dramatically impair your efficiency. This will cut into your profits and Jesus would never want that for you. So take a breather, think "What would Bob Villa do?" instead and keep up the go(o)d work!


Anonymous said...

Very sage advice. Also, I bet JC was a pretty crappy carpenter. There are no stories in the Gospels where some old hooker runs up to thanks him for building her a new house.

Clever blog. I liked your dating advice!

Anonymous said...

reminds me of a comic jim jeffries who noted jesus was a carpenter for 30 years before switching to the saviour gig for his last 3 on the planet. the line i'm about to massacre went a lil like this "at every gathering jesus had there was inevitably a guy in the back who was thinking to himself 'hey, that guy built my gazebo...'"

Chucklyn said...


Yes indeed Scott - we'd say we certainly DO have very similar senses of humor and we would be more than happy to link to you from Urban Etiquette!

p.s. - I once asked 'what would jesus do' when my condom broke. Turns out, that whole 'immaculate conception' thing works like a charm!