Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Scott's Tip Of The Day: Ray Parker Jr. really had a hit with the Ghostbusters theme. No one will deny it's a catchy tune. Regardless, I wouldn't recommend taking the song literally. It could get you into trouble. Let's go through verse by verse and I will show you what I mean:

If there's something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call 9-1-1. When you pay taxes, a portion of that money goes toward your local police department. Policemen may be America's C students, but nonetheless, they are trained to handle these types of situations. Furthermore, if something weird is going down in your neighborhood, the odds are much greater it's gang activity rather than a a ghost named Slimer going wild. A cop with a gun will protect you better than 4 nerds with proton packs.

If there's something weird
and it don't look good
Who ya gonna call?

Again, please report suspicious activity to the police. It's free. Your taxes pay for it. Do you know how much it costs to run the ghost containment center in the Ghostbusters' basement? It's a fortune! You think they just come over and help you out for free? No! They have bills to pay. They don't show the Ghostbusters billing people in the movie, but that's what they do. The police provide their services for free. Call the police instead.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts
I ain't afraid of no ghosts

Even though Ray Parker Jr. is using a double negative I am still pretty sure he is not afraid of ghosts. Moving on...

If you're seeing things
running through your head
Who can ya call?

Presumably the Ghostbusters have PhD's. They are at the very least scientists. Qualified psychiatrists or psychologists? I don't know. You are much better off seeing a licensed professional if you are seeing things running through your head. If you have insurance, you are probably covered too. Unless you have the "Ghost Busting Policy" your insurance plan probably does not cover ghosts.

An invisible man
sleeping in your bed
Who ya gonna call?

If he is invisible, how do you know he sleeping? I am really starting to believe Ray Parker Jr. is more than a little bit paranoid.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts
I ain't afraid of no ghosts

Ok Ray, now you are just starting to repeat yourself. Who are you trying to convince here?

Who ya gonna call?

If ya all alone
pick up the phone
and call

Despite the lyrics, calling Ghostbusters when you are all alone, for no reason at all, may result in their secretary, Janine, ignoring any calls originating from your house.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts
I here it likes the ghost
I ain't afraid of no ghost
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Who ya gonna call?

Oh my God, Ray. We need to get you better, my friend!

If you've had a dose of a
freaky ghost baby
Ya better call

At this point, Ray Parker Jr. has completely lost me. I don't know where to get a dose of freaky ghost baby. I don't want to know. I think it's pretty obvious though that if I ever did get a dose of freaky ghost baby the Ghostbusters would be the only people who could really help. I mean, that goes without saying.

Lemme tell ya something
Bustin' makes me feel good!

Ok, I am going to stop the analysis right here. Bustin makes you feel good? Really? Kids are listening to your song, Ray! That's gross! Can't you keep it in your pants? I mean, even if you can't, do you have to sing songs about it? You disgust me! Anyway, I hope you learned something today. Ray Parker Jr. is a sexual deviant, and taking the theme to Ghostbusters literally may lead to undesirable results.


Pam said...

Wow, that is pretty disturbing. Is this what Ray does in his spare time? Think up excuses to call the GB? Wow, he needs to get a life...

Hey Scott, I'll be happy to link to your site on my blog - thanks for the offer to link to mine:

Anonymous said...

there is of course the question that if he "ain't afraid of no ghosts" why is he calling anyone?

and i'm with Pam, definitely diggin the site (specially the jesus bit below) and have added ya to my list of links i'd click.

cheers mate.

Scott said...

thanks thatguyoverthere!
I returned the favor!

Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey welcomes Scott to the RwR blogroll!

poolagirl said...

Great idea! I think we might be able to work something for an exchange!

Scott said...

ricky you are added, poolagirl, i'll add your link, once you add me :-)

Zoe said...

wow, i never paid that much attention to the lyrics till you pointed it out. it really is...um... disturbing if you take it literally. =)

Ceci said...

Ok ok OK!
You didn't have me at hello... 'cause I'm skeptical like that.
...but... I'm willing to give you a chance. Be warned! I've kicked a boy out of bed for eatin' crakers... Isn't that right, Crackers?

I'll follow you... you follow me. Damn Ghostbusters post... damn wine!

But don't expect me to be funny... oh no! I'll be funny when I wanna be funny... IF I wanna be funny.

Wait... wasn't this post about Ray Parker Jr?
I forget.