Thursday, August 30, 2012

Koala Kare

Scott's Tip Of The Day: I am awaiting a reply from Koala Kare on an email.  I emailed their customer service. I hope they can address my concerns. It seems their products are a bit misleading.  Please see below--  

Dear Koala Kare, 
G'day Mate! 

My name is Scott and I am from Perth Australia, I am writing to you about your Koala Kare changing station. I had a family of Koalas that live in my backyard. There was a cute Mama Koala and her baby used to hang from her. After an unfortunate incident, the mother koala was no longer able to care for her baby so my wife, Laura and I adopted the baby. We bought those tiny little bottles, got some Koala formula from the local zoo and started raising the Koala baby as our own. We keep our Koala in a diaper and have trained it pretty well. His name is Pickles and he is always on his best behavior...until recently. 

I am writing to you because the other day I went to my local pub to watch the Australia-India Cricket Match and brought Pickles. Pickles is a friendly Koala and everyone is always happy to see him. At one point in the match he pooped his diaper. This was not unexpected as he usually does this when I let him drink some of my lager. I thought "What splendid timing! There is a Koala Kare station in the men's bathroom!" I always see parents misusing the station with their children. If it was for kids it would be called a kid changing station, right? It's a Koala Kare station, get your human baby off of there! 

Well I brought pickles over there and put him on the plastic station but he hated it. He shrieked and spazzed. He actually tore the thing apart. He also tore up my shirt (please see attached photo). I tried to figure out what triggered this reaction from an otherwise peaceful koala and then I realized it was the logo on the changing station. I reckon he saw the Mama koala holding the baby Koala and he has a wicked koala flashback to that traumatic experience in his childhood. I spoke to the Perth Zookeeper soon thereafter and she said that Koalas are more prone to flashbacks than most other animals. Just about every animal except for giraffes which have pretty bad jungle flashbacks sometimes. 

Anyway, I was just writing to let you know the sticker on your koala kare station made pickles lose his s**t and he has never been the same since. He doesn't touch his lager anymore and won't mow our lawn either. Laura and I are pretty unhappy with Koala Kare stations and hope you consider redesigning them to be better suited for its intended customer - koalas. Thanks for your time. I hope you take my comments into consideration.