Monday, October 22, 2012

Same Old Jets

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Scott's Tip Of The Day: Same Old Jets.
29-26.  The Jets lose in overtime.  A devastating loss, but not unexpected.  What’s unexpected is the Jets managed to keep it close.  Click Here For Odds

What’s in the NYC drinking water?  Major athletes have been going down left and right this year for substantial periods of time.  Mariano Rivera, Michael Pineda, Santonio Holmes, Darelle Revis.  What do we need to do to keep you healthy, guys?  Centrum Silver? Ensure?  Maybe you guys should have a conference call with Lance Armstrong.  He knows how to keep the injuries at bay.
But that’s neither here or there.  The Jets managed to stay in the game and were in it until the bitter end.  The problem wasn’t the (always predictably shaky) Jets play, it was the coaching.  Rex Ryan dropped the ball.

As the barely memorable Herm Edwards said “You play to win the game.”  With two minutes left, the Jets had the ball inside the Pats 20.  Instead of going for the jugular-the insurmountable touchdown-the Jets ran 30 seconds off the clock and gave the ball back to the Pats.  The Pats then kicked their own field goal, kicked another one in OT and stopped the Jets shortly thereafter.  Running the clock down is not playing to win the game.  That’s playing Russian roulette.
Although touted as dominant the Jets defense is anything but.  You can’t trust the defense to make the stop, just like you can’t trust a six year old with a bag full of cookies.  You put up the points and you put the pressure on the other team. Rex Ryan’s lap band surgery was supposed to curb his appetite, not his aggressiveness.  You’ve gone soft Rex and the Jets have followed suit.  

The Jets might turn it around.  They might make the playoffs.  But they aren’t winning the Superbowl.  The Jets can’t play consistently, their team is injured and their coaching makes questionable decisions.  The next time I’m at the sports book I’m betting with my head and not my heart.  I’m betting against the Jets.