Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Field Of Dreams - Looking Back On A Classic

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Ever see Field of Dreams? It's a classic. I guess. Honestly, I never really got into all of the hoopla. I couldn't get past how unrealistic it was.


1)In real life if you were to tell anyone, whether they are a relative or a stranger, that you have voices inside your head, you would be sent to a psychiatrist and be put on medicine for schizophrenia. You would not be encouraged to listen to those voices.

2)James Earl Jones played Terrence Mann, a recluse author in the film. Kevin Costner's character, Ray Kinsella, befriended him about halfway through the movie. For a good 10 minutes toward the end of the movie, Mann sat around listening to Kinsella's brother in law talk about foreclosing on Ray's house. Terrence Mann was a Pulitzer prize winner, and presumably a millionaire. In real life Mann would have helped Kinsella out. He wouldn't have just sat there watching ghosts play baseball, ignoring the whole conversation. "Shhhhhh. Stop talking about foreclosing on the house. I'm tryin' to watch some ghost baseball over here!"

3)At the end of the film, cars drive from all over to watch the ghosts play baseball in an Iowa cornfield. Did you see that row of cars driving to the field? Totally unrealistic. There was definitely not enough parking for all of these people, not to mention nowhere for them to sit. What about snacks? Beers? If Kinsella is trying to pay off his overdue mortgage, the real moneymaker would be beer, wouldn't it? Who is going to keep track of all of the people? He had no admission gates constructed, people could just walk right in and say they paid. Also, was Kinsella's property zoned for ghost baseball games? He didn't even check with town hall about that. "Excuse me, I am in town hall, right? Could you please direct me to the person who could best answer my questions on ghost baseball zoning?"

Don't buy into Field of Dreams. It makes no sense. You know what makes sense? Turning the TV off the next time it comes on and reading a book instead. But you don't have to take my word for it.

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Jennifer Good said...

Thanks for the insight. Never seen that movie, but I did see a Tiny Toons spoof on it,which was probably much better and possibly more realistic.