Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Girly Drinks

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Straight men are not allowed to drink girly mixed drinks. So what's a girly mixed drink? Is it pink or some other fluorescent color? Yeah, if it's the same color as a highlighter it's prob a girly drink. Pina Coladas? Cococnut....Anything with coconut is pretty much a girly drink. What about margaritas? Well, margaritas have tequila. If you constantly make mention of how strong your drink is and you are accompanied by a woman, it's permissible. Can you drink a margarita with another dude drinking a margarita? No way! What about screwdrivers? Screwdrivers are OK... barely.

"But Scott, what if I am on a tropical vacation? Can't a straight guy drink a tropical drink on a tropical vacation?" Yeah, you can drink girly drinks on a tropical vacation AS LONG as your sole reason for the vacation wasn't to get away to drink girly drinks, free from criticism.

Feel free to print this post out, laminate it and use it as a reference guide.

BTW I don't know the guy in the pic I included above in this post. I just searched "girly drink man" on google pics and his pic was one of the first to come up. Poor guy. You make one mistake and it follows you forever.

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Gabi said...

I just noticed the dude in the background wearing that stereotypical ugly Hawiian shirt. LOL.