Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 Questions/Answers Installment 17

Scott's Tip Of The Day: I received the following email in my mailbox this morning....

Dear Wise Scott,
You're a professional, wise young man. Also, I find you hilarious. That being said, I am seeking your advice. I'm (planning) on quitting my job December 31st after almost three and a half years of loyal service of putting up with morons and insecure bullying. I used to be close to my boss, but after all this time, I feel like I've gathered all I could, and it is time for me to move on, before I either have a nervous break down, eat my feelings or strangle my well-meaning fiance. But I'm terrified to do so. Help! What do you suggest?

Remaining Stressed and Annon in Arizona

Remaining Stressed and Annon in Arizona (RSAAIA),

Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it. In return, on the eve of the birth of your thirteenth born son, I will present you with a goose egg made of solid gold. You have to have these thirteen kids naturally though. No adopting and no surrogate mothers. They must all have the same father too. And none of this reproductive hormone octomom business. Furthermore, you can't birth more than two babies at a time. If by your 50th birthday you have not birthed thirteen children, you will then owe me 19 packets of watermelon flavored Big League Chew. This is non-negotiable. I will construe any lack of response as tacit agreement to these terms.

Anyway, in regards to your job... you said you "Used to be close to your boss." Did you have a falling out? What kind of terms are you on now?

I hear you on the bullying and morons. I have had those experiences in the past, as well. Everyone who has been in the business world awhile all say the same thing though. You'll encounter assholes wherever you work. So, you may still have to deal with assholes at your next job, but at least they will be new assholes.

It was a little unclear what you are terrified to do....get a new job and quit your current job? Or strangle your well meaning fiance? I would be terrified to strangle my well-meaning fiance too. Did you know you can go to jail for that? Crazy, right? For a long time too. Maybe even forever. And if you kill your significant other you won't have any conjugal visits unless you are into necrophilia. You seem pretty nice, and I don't think you are into that, but you never know. Everyone's got some skeletons in their closet.

You shouldn't be afraid to quit your job. But don't quit for just any job. And don't quit arbitrarily on Dec 31st if you have no other job prospects on the horizon.

You feel like you have nothing left to learn so find a job where you have a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. The first thing I would do is fix up my resume. If you use a recruiter to find jobs, they can give you some helpful pointers on this. Otherwise I would recommend calling your old college career center. They help alumni with stuff like this. Then look for a job using the internet, craigslist, recruiters, contacts etc. When you interview and find something you like, you can tell your current company "Sayonara." I wouldn't burn any bridges though. You never know when you'll run into these people again.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Change can be uncomfortable sometimes, but it sounds like your current situation is probably more uncomfortable than getting a new job you actually enjoy and learn at. So you know what you gotta do.

Good luck on your job hunt!

If any of you readers have any questions or seek any advice from the all knowing Scott please email me at Scottstipoftheday (At) Gmail (dot) com. Happy Holidays!


BB said...

Whew...Scott, I thought they wanted to know how to kill the fiance' too! Then I thought by the picture you were going to advise killing them with Big Chew. Good thing I read this carefully. Haha

Jessica said...

Thanks for the smile, as usual.

Happy New Year!