Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Questions & Answers Installment 1

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Today I received the following email in my inbox:

Hi from England (Although I'm not certain how much of the British population are with me on this one) ,ive just discovered your blog site, nice work by the way its nice to see someone blogging stories that are going to lighten peoples days up a little bit. Any way i have just one question to ask and that's how to start a blog site up and keep it fresh and interesting like yours? Any tips or advice would be appreciated.




Thanks for the kind words. Starting a blog is easy. You can go to or and they have all of the tools to get you set up pretty much immediately. Doing something creative with the blog and keeping it fresh....that's the hard part.

What do you like to do? What are you into? Curling? GI Joes? Blumpkins? What are you knowledgeable about? Sports? Redheads? NAMBLA? Are there any topics you like to discuss at great length? You have to pick a topic or a theme. It can be as simple or complicated as you want. You can talk about your day in your posts or you can analyze the working forces in the global economy. Whatever you decide to write about, pick a consistent theme and stick to it. It's easier to build a fan base when they know what to expect from you. If you're all over the place, you won't get people returning to read your blog on a regular basis.

Keeping it fresh....I don't know what to tell you there. It will definitely depend on what direction you decide to take your blog. Where do thoughts come from? Where do ideas come from? The voices inside your head? I don't know. I write about random thoughts I have during the day. Sometimes these occur to me out of nowhere. Other times when I'm reading the news. You have to find your inspiration somewhere. Maybe try drugs? Lots of drugs? Sweet, wonderful, beautiful drugs?

Probably the best advice I can give is just do what you find interesting. Do something that's going to keep you engaged for a long time. Then you'll have the best chance at success. Good luck with your blog! I wish you the best.

If you guys have any other questions feel free to hit me up at I look forward to hearing from you.


Kelly said...

The sweet wonderful drugs as inspiration is good advice. :)

Ankita Sarkar said...

Ooh! This one says 2011!

I'd nearly forgotten that the year is mentioned in the Q&A installments. I was confused for a split second when I saw it say 'Installment 1'. Back to one from 17? Does Scott have something like a Y2K problem? Say Y2K11?

Rebecca said...

yay you got one of those spam emails to

BB said...

I couldn't survive without my drugs! Great post!