Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beer Awards 2009

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Welcome to the first annual Scott's Tip Of The Day Beer Awards. This year's award goes to The Abyss, which is brewed at Deschutes Brewery in Oregon. The kind people at Deschutes Brewery sent me a sample bottle to review. Unfortunately for you guys, if you would like to try this delicious beer, you are going to have to trek out to Oregon. Another obstacle to drinking this beer is the wax seal on the top of the bottle. You are going to have to use all of your Macgyver skills to open it.

Although, ominous sounding,the Abyss is actually very tasty. I am not the most experienced beer reviewer, but I can tell you this. The Abyss is a stout. and I was able to taste hints of coffee and chocolate in there. It was very heavy and the alcohol content was pretty high. This isn't a Bud Light. But just because it's strong don't think you're going to get crunked on this beer either. I don't think you would have the room in your stomach to drink three or four of these at a time. This is a beer to enjoy. Maybe with a cigar? There are some complex flavors in there, and guessing what all of them are is half the fun. So book your plane tickets to Oregon now, because if the other beers at Deschutes Brewery taste this good, it will be worth the trip.

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D. Scott Peterson said...

As an Oregonian, I would encourage anyone to make it to Bend, Oregon where the Deschutes River bends through it and enjoy a brew at The Old Mill District, next to the river.