Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Scott's Tip Of The Day: Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy it. Be thankful. What should you be thankful for? Long commutes to your family's house. Getting trampled on Black Friday. Getting behind on work, even though nobody is supposed to be doing work, but your boss is kind of crazy and works over the holidays anyway. Eating until you feel physically sick and have to unbutton your pants. Cold weather. Cheesy holiday decorations. And last but not least, turkey genocide.

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Jennifer Good said...

I'm pretty Thankful to have a job, even though I worked 32 hours over a two day period. But that makes me thankful for the big ass paycheck I'll be getting next week. I'm thankful the last three days are behind me and I got through it with minimal injuries. But mostly, I'm thankful I'll be getting days off again. x.x At some point, your mental sanity and health means more to you than a big ass paycheck.