Friday, June 5, 2009

Steve Jobs

Scott's Tip Of The Day: Steve Jobs might be one of the most brilliant minds on earth. Apple stock rises and falls on reports of his health. (We hope you get better, Steve!) But no one's perfect. Steve Jobs has not been seen in public, without wearing a black turtleneck in years. Honestly, Steve? Who wears turtlenecks in the summer? What's your deal? Just because you are a visionary doesn't mean you have to be creepy. You gesticulate a lot too (That's what she said.) That doesn't really help with the creepiness factor. How about a makeover? Maybe one of those vinyl Michael Jackson Thriller era vests?

Oh yeah! Now we're talking! Come on Steve Jobs! Get with the program. Get hip! As for you, blog readers, turtlenecks in summer are a no-no. Whenever you have the urge to wear one, wear a 80's vinyl vest instead.

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