Monday, June 22, 2009

The Telephone...It Still Works

Scott's Tip Of The Day: I know with the advent of instant messaging, Skype and Twitter there are a many new ways for people to communicate. But the phone still works. Did you hear what happened to Perez Hilton this weekend? He was allegedly assaulted by and his security guards. He then proceeded to tweet he needed help and wanted the police to come immediately. Apparently the police didn't come and he continued to tweet for police assistance. You know why the police didn't come, Perez? Because the police still use the telephone. They don't tweet, you retard! You can't tweet crimes to the police. They are too busy locking up murderers and rapists to check their blackberry for tweets. "OMFG, Perez tweeted he needs help, lets drop everything and run to his side. Framing this black man for drug crimes can wait, lets just go help Perez!" Get real! Maybe if you stopped antagonizing celebrities this wouldn't happen?

If I upset you Perez, I'm not sorry. Tweet about it. Blog about it. Clearly, I am not worried about you inflicting any physical pain on me.