Monday, August 10, 2009


Scott's Tip Of The Day: Welcome to Scott's Tip Of The Day's First Contest...WITH PRIZES!!! Prizes, I tell you!!!

The nice guys over at, offered to provide me with some key chains to be used in a promotional giveaway. All I had to do was agree to review their promotional key chains. They didn't even make me sell my soul! Clearly, I said yes. It was an easy decision. So let me describe the the key chains.

Here is a snappy pic of the key chain I will be giving away: It's a bottle opener!!! For opening....wait for it....wait for it.... BOTTLES!!! Except it will say "Scott's Tip Of The Day" on it. This way you will remember the great times we had together. You and Scott. Scott and you. When we frolicked in that field with the butterflies. Or that time we skinny dipped in the lake. How about that time we beat a homeless man with a metal baseball bat? Ah, yes. Those were the days. We were crazy young whippersnappers and the world was our oyster. Well, now you can remember those times forever, with this limited edition Scott's Tip Of The Day key chain.

The key chain will be a great conversation starter. You can snap open some bottles of sody pop, or a 40 oz Colt-45 (works every time) for your friends and be all "Check out what I won from the coolest blog in the world: a small metal bottle opener keychain imprinted with 'Scott's Tip Of The Day'." You can continue to recount how your friend, Scott, actually requested that the keychain read 'Scott's Tip Of The Day,,' but there wasn't enough room on the keychain, and that they printed up the keychain without the html address and Scott didn't find out this unfortunate fact until after the keychains were produced and sent to Scott. Yes, that's right. When you tell the story you can pretend how Scott is your close personal friend, when in reality you don't even know his last name. It will be fun! What's a lie here or there? You didn't kill anyone, right? And so what if you did? They probably deserved it? Or at the very least you probably had a good reason. Or maybe not? But what's a murder or two between friends?

Anyway, I digress. You can probably tell it's a pretty awesome keychain, even if you can't imprint a ton of writing on it. But did you really need a lot of words imprinted on the keychain? If you are looking to open bottles, this keychain is for you. If you are looking to write the directions to a hidden treasure, a journal would probably serve you better. Oh, one more thing. Although you can open imported beer bottles with this keychain, since Colt 45 40 oz. bottles are screw off's, you can't really use a bottle opener to open them. Shame on you for not realizing that earlier. You just kept reading the blog entry didn't you! You have to learn to pay attention!

The first 3 people with the best answer to this question will win not only win a keychain, but their answer will be included in a post on my blog. OOOhhh!!! Exciting!!!!

The question is: You encounter myself, Scott, the all-knowing guru, on the streets of Manhattan. It's noon on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Although I have unfathomably awesome plans that evening, my schedule is free until 7PM. For ten minutes you beg and beg to entertain me and keep me company, and eventually I aquiesse and reluctantly agree. You tell me you will treat me to the craziest, adventure-filled afternoon ever. I say "OK, lets do it." Where do you take me? What do we do? Do we have fun?

Remember, I like brown nosing but that might not be enough to win this competition. It's a safe bet the most entertaining answer will win. And if you're thinking of bribing me, let me just tell you right now: I LOVE bribes.

Please email your responses to Winners will be announced August 28th. I will accept entries until I post the winning letter. Don't forget to include your name and address so I can mail you your prize. If you don't include this info, your entry is invalid.

Remember guys, this prize is pretty amazing. It's a great bottle opener. It opens bottles. It does it's job. My review? 10/10. And it can be yours. Do you have what it takes?


RomanHans said...

I'd take you to your house to get me one of these sweet keychains.

Do I win?

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